Stony Brook University -
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Joseph D. Warren
Please read the appropriate section below and follow the instructions there before emailing Joe about joining the lab group.

High school students

We occasionally have a position available in our lab for motivated high school students to conduct research. However, we currently have a student doing research in the lab so I am unable to accept any additional students at this time.

Stony Brook Undergraduates

We have positions available during the summer and academic year working in the lab on a variety of projects.  Initially students work in the lab for research credit or as volunteers. Summer and academic year paid positions are also possible once you have demonstrated your productivity as a researcher in the lab.  Students interested in conducting research in the lab should email Joe prior to the start of the semester (or during the first week) with their name, year in school, SBU ID #, # of credits they wish to register for (1 credit equals 3 hours / week in the lab), scientific interests, and previous research experience. You will not be able to register in SOLAR until I have given you permission via the education office. If you want more information on the types of research we do, contact any of the undergraduates currently working in the lab or Joe.

Undergraduates from non-SBU institutions

We may have summer (or guest student) positions available.  Please send Joe a short email with your research interests, timeframe for working in the lab, a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine), and your resume/CV.  Feel free to email Joe with regard to current research projects.

Graduate Students

Openings in the ALES lab for graduate students depends on a variety of factors (e.g. funding, current student progress, etc), but I am always on the look out for bright and motivated students who are interested in using acoustics as a tool to study marine ecology and oceanography. Prospective students do not need to have experience with acoustics (although it's a plus) in order to join our lab.  The instrumentation and equipment we use in the lab produces significant amounts of data which requires computer programming skills to analyze so students with experience in MATLAB, R, or other programming languages will have a significant advantage in the admissions process. Students interested in pursuing graduate study in our group should send Joe a short email with: their scientific interests, degree goal (MS or PhD), a copy of their transcript (unofficial is fine), and resume/cv.  I'm happy to talk with prospective students via phone or video chat so if you'd like to do that, please provide some possible 30 minutes times during the week when you are available to talk.

Post-Docs, Visiting Scientists, etc

Please feel free to contact Joe with your scientific interests or questions.