Stony Brook University -
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Joseph D. Warren

Some of the courses that I teach include:

Fall Semester

MAR 352 - Introduction to Physical Oceanography w/ Laboratory
(sample syllabus mar352_syllabus.pdf)
Winter Semester

MAR 388 - Tropical Marine Ecology. This course takes place in Jamaica.
For more information about the course, check out the course webpage: MAR 388: Tropical Marine Ecology
You can read the class blog to find out what students do in the course.

Spring Semester

MAR 373 - Apex Marine Predators (time/day TBD)
An upper-level elective investigating trophic interactions and predator-prey relationships

MAR 395- Bioacoustics. (time/day TBD).
An upper-level elective investigating the use of sound by marine organisms.
MAR 570- Data Analysis II. (time/day TBD).
A graduate-level class focusing on developing programming skills (in R) as well as spatial and temporal data analysis techniques. Upper-level undergrads may register for this course with permission of the instructor.


Some of the students who survived my teaching back in the early days -- the true pioneers!

Students hauling in gear
                                aboard the RV Paumanok Using the handheld CTD Students examine plankton
Learning the boat Running the winch Deploying the Secchi disk